Carolyn S.

Years after my initial review, after many many style changes/enhancements, I need to say again that Daniel is a godsend for hair.

A wizard! A maestro! Why, he’s…. the Hair Whisperer! (did I go too far?) If you love your hair, do it a favor and take it to Daniel.

If you hate your hair, do yourself a favor and let Daniel show you how lovable it really is when you treat it right.


I am a very laid back person with the same attitude when it comes to my hair. I don’t want to have to spend a huge amount of time on it, yet I still want my hair to look great. I have been to about 3 different hair stylists within a year and left each one unhappy. They didn’t listen to what I had to say in regards to maintenance, cut, and how I wanted my hair to grow.

I finally made an appointment with Daniel Iannelli and am extremely happy, I will never go to another! Daniel listened to what I had to say regarding my concerns on upkeep and style. Not only did he give me a great cut, but he actually took the time to educate me on the reasons why he was cutting and styling my hair as he was. He also taught me the easiest and most efficient way of styling my hair myself. It blew me away, because no one had ever taken the time to educate me on my hair.

This is why I will always go back to Daniel, he listens, delivers, and really makes you feel like you and your hair are his only priority! He has a client for life.

Jo Roberts

It was the summer of ’84 when I had my first hair experience with Daniel. The first thing he taught me was how important communication is to get a great cut…and great cuts I have had for 26 years! Daniel has never missed or been late for an appointment, and has always made time for me whenever I’ve called him. I’ve loved EACH AND EVERY ONE of the cuts I’ve received–not too many people can say that ONE PERSON has cut their hair for 26 years!! There is also another big plus: HE’S SO MUCH FUN!!!

Needless to say, I highly recommend Daniel for all of your hair needs…he’s a great guy!

Jordan M

I’ve been looking for a new hairstylist for nearly a year – since my favorite girl moved to Boston – anyway, I came to Pileggi on the Square for an appointment with Daniel Iannelli and was amazed. I finally found a great hair stylist.

I love that Daniel took a few minutes to asssess my hair’s texture and see how it behaves before suggesting anything, he just took the time to notice my look and made some great suggestions. His ideas were great and even though it’s been years since I’ve gone with shorter hair, it really makes me look younger and more carefree.

Very glad I came to Daniel – he did an amazing job and he’s the only one I’ll be going back to for my hair.

Jillian C

My sister brought me here to see her stylist, Daniel, because I’m in need of a makeover. Being too busy with kids has made it hard to keep up with anything, so this is her Christmas gift to me.

Anyway, Daniel is a miracle worker! I’m a simple, in-a-hurry kind of person, not a lot of extra time to work on my hair and when Daniel realized that, instead of trying to convince me to go for a high maintenance look that would be, in a typical hairdresser’s lingo, perfect for my face shape, overall look, etc., he was quick to suggest 2 low maintenance looks that would work just as well and explained the advantages and disadvantages of each.

I love that he took the time to compare the two possibilities for me and helped me find the one that best suits my style. Very glad I came here, I can see why my sister has been raving about him!

Judy R

Daniel Iannelli is the master of cut & color. I have followed Daniel over the years because of his knowledge and commitment to his craft. He knows hair and will impart his knowledge to help you achieve your best. The color is always spot on and if for some reason you decide on a change he will respectfully guide you every step of the way. He and Caitlyn strive to give the best hair experience. Do yourself (and your hair) a favor and book an appointment with this highly talented duo!

Christa Quinn

I moved to Philadelphia (dry, overprocessed hair and all) in the fall of 2005. I work as the morning meteorologist for the CW Philly and occasionally on CBS3. On a whim, I called —— (based on a tip from another television personality) and was randomly assigned to Daniel Iannelli. I have been with him ever since. Never before have I had such care put into every strand of my hair.

Daniel takes his time, discusses options with his clients and suggests the best treatments for hair color so that the hair remains shiny and healthy at all times. He really does magic. I love the cuts he gives and especially the color. In a matter of about eight months, he took my hair from the overprocessed frizzy mess that it was, to a soft beautiful, wonderfully colored head of hair. If you are looking for a change or looking to make your hair just look and feel great with a great color, Daniel is the man.


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